The Arena

Welcome to Corda Arena, Europe’s pioneering event venue, set to debut in 2026! With a capacity to host up to 4,000 attendees onsite and millions virtually, our cutting-edge facility merges technology seamlessly with human interaction. Our mission? Crafting unforgettable, immersive experiences across nine corporate and entertainment sectors. Join us at Corda Arena, where the future of events begins.

From 3 levels
to 9 segments.


Experience the unforgettable at Corda Arena. Elevate your event to new heights with a multi-sensory journey that transcends your expectations. Step into our dazzling venue, where industrial aesthetics blend seamlessly with cutting-edge technology and a cozy ambiance. With the ability to personalize your event space with just one click, Corda Arena offers a bespoke corporate venue experience like no other.


Embrace the future with Corda Arena. Our plug-and-play environment seamlessly connects live events to a vast virtual audience, reaching countless participants from the comfort of their homes. Host your event at Corda Arena, where a few simple clicks can connect you with a global audience.


Undoubtedly, the virtual world is on the brink of becoming the next major experiential frontier. Leveraging an extensive network of partners, research, and immersive encounters, Corda Arena proudly introduces itself as the pioneering virtual event destination. Can't make it to Corda Arena in person? Simply join us with your avatar for an unforgettable virtual experience.

9 Segments

Corda Arena proudly serves as the premier destination for a diverse array of events, spanning conferences, fairs, art exhibitions, music performances, fashion shows, esports tournaments, niche sports competitions, and television productions. Our multi-faceted approach offers a unique platform to cultivate innovative formats and foster collaborative ventures, ensuring unforgettable and impactful experiences for all.

The Arena

The Arena

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